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AC Induction Motor (8I25P-3)-25W,220, Motor, AC, Induction

◆Continuing rotate at one direction, stop motion continuously ◆About 30~40 rpm over rotation as stopping ◆Low temperature ◆Double intensity of Motor construction ◆Low noise, maximum permissible torque 40Nm ◆Gear ratio 3~360 with full specs #NOTE: The product is not sold in"CHINA& TAIWAN",

AC Speed Control Motor Component Package Type (9I40PV-2)-40W,220V,Motor,AC, speed control

◆ Speed control range: 90-1700 rpm (60Hz),90-1400 rpm (50Hz) ◆Easily control speed, instantaneous brake stop, slow start/stop, electro-gear ratio setting on panel ◆About 0.5~1 rpm over rotation as stopping ◆Low temperature ◆Double intensity of Motor construction ◆Low noise, maximum permissible

DC Brushless Motor Driver(DB075-2)-75W,220V,Motor Driver,DC,brushless

◆ Standard type : transmission, moving require high speed stability ◆Electromagnetic brake type : transmission, moving require high speed stability, move up and down, or with loading function ◆ Speed control range : 20~120W→300~3000 rpm 200W→250~2500 rpm ◆ Low temperature, high effic

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TROY is motors, reducers, motor driver and motor controller manufacturer from Taiwan and dedicated to developing the design and manufacturing high-quality product. In order to carry out the idea of “Quality” ”Technology” ”Service” we set up a selling system of customer center and provide the best products and services to the customer and meet customer need and ISO9001 international quality certification & ISO14001 environmental assurance certification were introduced into the company in product development period. After that, we acquired various certification. What’s more, in order to help the customers enhance their competitiveness, we cooperated with the national science & technology development committee and domestic famous research institutes and academic institutions for product research & design and manufacturing technology upgrading.

Research and development idea

We will think about the characteristics and functions of products by customer’s demands.
We are overthrow the tradition on colors and models come off the impressions that already had.
We create our own characteristics and market positions by performance.
We can make the complicated theory become a product which is simple, reliable and easy to use.

Quality target and service idea

Providing the best product and service
Helping our customers to enhance competitiveness

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Complete technical support
Motor selection/calculation services
Customized ODM service